Orange Chocolate Crunch: Little pieces of crystallized orange in chocolate.

Quality Street Chocolates:  what's your favorite?

Coconut Éclair: If you like coconut then this is the one for you.

The green triangle: This is a hazelnut noisette, and it is distinctive as it is the only triangular one.

The Return of Toffee Deluxe for Christmas, 2017.

There was such an uproar about the replacement of Toffee Deluxe by Honeycomb Crunch in 2016 that Nestle has returned this favorite, beginning with the 2017 Christmas selection.  Read about it here.

Vanilla Fudge: Chocolate coated vanilla fudge.

Toffee Penny: An original Mackintosh’s toffee the size of an old fashioned English penny (hence the name).

Toffee Finger: A long, thin sweet; like a little finger. It is solid toffee wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate.

Honeycomb Crunch controversially replaced Toffee Deluxe in 2016

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So you know which one you have

Milk Choc Block

Quality Street Chocolates 

The Purple One: This is a hazelnut in runny caramel wrapped in chocolate (originally it was a brazil nut, hence the shape).

Caramel Swirl

Orange Cream: Dark chocolate covering a white, orange flavored interior.

Strawberry Delight: Chocolate filled with strawberry cream.