fun facts and recent history

Quality Street Chocolates 

ownership of the quality street brand

Mackintosh merged with the Rowntree Confectionary Company in York, England in 1969.

Nestle purchased Rowntrees in 1988 and is the current owner of the brand.



The Purple One - Planner: You think ahead, looking out for presents all year-long to make sure friends and family get something they really love at Christmas.

Strawberry Delight - Creative: For you, Christmas is all about the tree - and you love to be the one to put the star on the top!

Green Triangle - Gifter: You're a real Christmas character who loves giving presents over receiving them, and you tend to pick up all your gifts in December

Orange Creme - Carer: If you were to reappear in your school nativity, you would play the shepherd - helpful, patient and always willing to lend a helping hand

Caramel Swirl - Early bird: For you, the end of Halloween marks the start of Christmas, and you've got your eyes peeled for the first Christmas advert

Fudge - Foodie: For you, Christmas dinner is the main event and you make sure you get a seat close to the roasties

Honeycomb Crunch - Comedian: You love a laugh at Christmas - whether it's a Christmas film or comedy on the box, you can't resist a festive giggle

Milk Choc Block - Fashionista: You like to enter into the spirit by donning a classic Christmas jumper

Toffee Finger - Film Buff: For you, it's all about family - the festive highlight is a Christmas film that all the kids can enjoy

Toffee Penny - Party starter: You're always the first to rock a Christmas cracker hat - you know how to get the festive party started

Coconut Eclair - Caroler: People come your way if they're after a festive singalong - so warm up those vocal chords and get on the piano!

Chocolate Orange Crunch - Offerer: You take the nurturing role - at Christmas you like to make sure everyone's looked after.


fun facts

6,000 Quality Street sweets are produced per minute, a total of 67 million every week.

136,701 miles of foil are used per year to wrap the sweets; the equivalent distance of five times around the equator.

15 million tins of Quality Street were sold in 2010; enough sweets to stretch to the moon and back when placed end to end

In recent years, individual larger versions of the more popular chocolates have been manufactured and sold separately, as an extension to the brand.