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Fun Facts about Quality Street Chocolates

In a Christmas 2018 survey the list of 12 was ranked by popularity.  Click here to see how your favourite fared.

6,000 Quality Street sweets are produced per minute, a total of 67 million every week.

136,701 miles of foil are used per year to wrap the sweets; the equivalent distance of five times around the equator.

15 million tins of Quality Street were sold in 2010; enough sweets to stretch to the moon and back when placed end to end.

In recent years, individual larger versions of the more popular chocolates have been manufactured and sold separately, as an extension to the brand.

Quality Street Chocolates

As part of its 80th birthday celebration in 2016 Nestle replaced the much loved Toffee Deluxe with Honeycomb Crunch, but due to such public outcry the Toffee Deluxe was added back to the 2017 Christmas holiday selection.  Then for Christmas 2018 the Honeycomb Crunch was dropped, returning the selection to the original 12 items., pub-1382273078565295, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0